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How it works!

How it Works!

Our platform is developed for you – the runner – where you simply link your fitness/activity account to the virtual race of your choice. 

A virtual event experience with integrations to all major platforms including Strava. Simple GPX/TCX/FIT-file import options from your preferred device. Results, as virtually accurate as it gets! 


Most frequent questions and answers

We believe digital experiences should be free – and honestly who in their right minds charges a runner for a training run! It’s free to register for any 21virtual event, however we do provide a premium product at $26 where you get a real and awesome medal shipped to you once you have the finished the event of your choice.

Anywhere! Find the course of your choice. However, please respect the standard rule of the decrease in elevation between start and finish shall not exceed an average of 1m per km. Meaning, we do not accept insanely fast downhill times!

Yes! If you are crazy enough to run 21.1 km on a treadmill, go for it, go ahead, make your day!

Yes! We will e-mail you your own personal race number once you have made your registration. You will get PDF for print and a cool image for sharing on your social media account.

Yes you can! But we require you respect any local restrictions set by national or local governments due to the prevention of coronavirus spread.

It’s up to you what time you start. We just require that you start after 00:00 and finish before 23:59 on the actual race date in your time zone.

Yes, we only accept times under 7 hours. Also, we will check incredibly fast times as well and check all top 20 runners.

Plan your run wisely! Bring sufficient nutrition, water and energy drinks with you – or plan ahead so your course covers your nutrition and fluid needs on race day.

Your smart phone, smart watch, fitness watch or activity tracker is your personal “virtual timing chip”. Start the session and run your marathon. When you reach 21.1 km stop the session and after, simply, link your Strava, Garmin, Polar or Suunto account to your runner profile. We also support session file import for GPX, TCX and FIT formats – so if you use other platforms nothing is holding you back from joining the party!

Any smart phone, smart watch, fitness watch or activity tracker that supports track logging, like Suunto, Garmin, Polar, Apple Watch, Fitbit etc.

Your time will updated to the official 21virtual results for the event you participate in. However, real official timing can only be carried out with homologated chip timing technologies at real certified running events. Please also note, that even though your watch or phone may deduct pauses you may have taken during your session, we don’t. We measure from start to finish!

Yes! will archive and present all the results from all the 21virtual events. You will compete over the standard age categories; under 35 years and over 35 years with segmented by 5 year age intervals. The results will also be fully available in our app where you can subscribe to finish notifications for the runners you want to follow.

Once you have finished the 21.1 km run for the 21virtual event of your choice, you will receive an awesome virtual personalized medal by e-mail, that you can share on your social media platforms. Also note, we do offer a real medal at $26 including shipping to your door step.

Yes, we will e-mail you a cool certificate once you have finished your 21.1 km run for your chosen 21virtual event.

Yes! Do as many as you like!

You can try. We promise you, it will not be pretty!